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8th Reading/Language Arts
Instructor: Berro, Dana   

If you would like to help your child through the writing process, please see the class file "Conference Starters" to get a better idea of the type of questions you may wish to ask your young writer.

Each day we do 15 minutes of Quick Writes (3 three minute writes leading toward the current writing assignment), 15 minute mini-lessons on pertinent writing topics, 25 minutes of writing time (this is when I conference with students about their writing and when they do the majority of their work), and 5 minutes for organization and transition.

The grammar concepts that we will focus on this quarter are subordinating conjunctions and superlative adjectives and adverbs.

We will also quickly review lists 1-10 of Word Within the Word before beginning list 11.  Students will have exposure to almost 500 Latin and Greek roots/stems before entering high school.

Throughout the year, we will all be participating in the 40 book challenge.  The students will choose their own books to read. The first book must be in the science fiction/fantasy catagorie, following which, they will move on to whichever titles they'd like.

Classtime will be set aside for independent reading most days, and students should read at home every night as well. We will also read short stories together in class to highlight different aspects of story telling, note taking, etc.


  •  If absent when an assignment is due, a student may either email the assignment to the teacher from home, or turn in the assignment on the day they return to school.  It will not be counted as late.
  • Late assignments will dropped one letter grade per day that they are late.
  • Late assignments will not be accepted a week past a due date.
  • Students have one week to redo an assignment.  Redo's will only be graded if effort has clearly been made to correct mistakes.
  • If assignments are consistently late from a student, they will no longer be accepted after their due date.
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